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BREAKER-IQ® is a full-color door-mounted touchscreen that enables users to safely view breaker status, engage and disengage our
QUICK-TRIP® arc flash reduction system (commonly referred to as ERMS), trip and close breakers, and analyze data – all without having to open the cubicle door. BREAKER-IQ® replaces our legacy QT-DISPLAY® and
QT-DISPLAY-IM® products.

BREAKER-IQ® is essentially plug and play and comes ready to work out of the box! Simply connect to AC-PRO® and to an auxiliary power source. Detailed installation instructions can be found here.

When you think BREAKER-IQ®, think SAFETY, CONTROL, and MONITORING. By minimizing the need to physically access the circuit breaker, this innovative product contributes to a safer and more efficient operating environment.

    BREAKER-IQ® Features:

  • Touchscreen for QUICK-TRIP® control or use with external QT switch (existing URC product)
  • Delayed Trip and Close via included terminals for easy wiring (on door) into Close circuit
  • User interface matches AC-PRO-II®
  • Wireless communications
  • USB ports
  • 3.5” color touch screen
  • Display is always ON
  • Indication LEDs
  • Cable Connection to AC-PRO-II®
  • Backwards compatible with legacy AC-PRO®**
  • **Functionality with legacy AC-PRO® limited to LEDs, QUICK-TRIP® (with additional physical switch) and displaying status up to 16 characters.