• AC-PRO, AC Trip Unit

    AC-PRO-II® Trip Unit

    The AC-PRO-II Trip unit is 55% smaller and has more features than the original AC-PRO.
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  • AC-PRO, AC Trip Unit

    AC-PRO® Trip Unit

    The AC-PRO Trip unit is a solid state, true RMS sensing overcurrent device for use on 600 volt class circuit breakers.
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  • AC-PRO-MP installed an a Masterpact Breaker


    The AC-PRO-MP is a UL and CE listed, plug-in, direct replacement 60 Hz trip unit for the STR trip units on the Merlin Gerin & Schneider Electric Masterpact MP Circuit Breakers.
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  • ZERO-Hertz DC Trip Unit


    The ZERO-Hertz trip unit is a solid state overcurrent device for use on one and two pole DC circuit breakers in voltage classes up to 1,000 volts.
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  • QUICK-TRIP, Arc Flash Reduction System


    Dramatically reduce arc flash potential for those times when you must work on energized equipment down stream.
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  • Retrofit Course, Earn NETA CTD credits

    Retrofit Classroom Course

    Combines classroom and hands-on experience to provide new and veteran technicians with a solid understanding of the retrofit process.
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Trip Units for Low Voltage Circuit Breakers

Utility Relay Company is a leading manufacturer of micro controller based, true RMS solid state trip units for AC and DC power circuit breakers. Utility Relay Company’s focus is providing high quality, reliable and versatile trip units for low voltage circuit breakers. We couple the trip units with retrofit kits that are designed with ease of instalation and reliability in mind.

The end result is an extensive line of retrofit kits that are easy to instal and provide reliable protection.

Utility Relay Company has over 3000 complete conversion retrofit kit designs for existing power circuit breakers from different manufacturers such as:

URC trip units retrofit conversion kits replace legacy electromechanical series overload trip devices, thermal magnetic overcurrent releases, and older style electronic trip devices to provide greater accuracy, reliability, functionality and provides life extension of older circuit breakers at a fraction of the cost of a new circuit breaker and without modifying the switchgear.

Contact Utility Relay Company today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Best-Selling Trip Units

AC-PRO-MP-II, Trip Unit AC-PRO-II, Trip Unit

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