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Direct Replacement Kits

All the Direct Replacement Units have the same functionality as the AC-PRO® but do not have the QUICK-TRIP® capability. These kits reuse the existing CT's and Actuators from the existing trip unit installation.


Both the AC-PRO-1A and the AC-PRO-1/2A are True RMS trip units designed to replace a variety of older style electronic trip devices.

The new trip units will operate with the existing OEM 1 amp or 1/2 amp CTs and magnetically latched actuators from a variety of manufacturers. A new wiring harness is provided for easy installation.

AC-PRO Direct Replacement of a Static Trip III on a LA600 Breaker

AC-PRO-1A replaces:

  • A-C LimiTrip™
  • A-C Model-1A™
  • A-C Static-Trip II™
  • Joslyn™ Opti-Trip I™
AC-PRO-1/2A™ replaces:

Siemens™ Static-Trip III™
Joslyn™ Opti-Trip II™



AC-PRO-VST® AC-PRO direct replacement on a GE Power Breaker

The AC-PRO-VST is designed to directly replace obsolete VersaTrip™ trip units in older style GE PowerBreaker™ insulated case circuit breakers.

The AC-PRO-VST mounts directly in place of the VersaTrip™ and mates with the existing PowerBreak™ wiring harness.

AC-PRO direct replacement on a GE Power Breaker


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