• Complete Retrofit Kit for a GE AK-2-25
    Complete Retrofit Kits

    The kits come with all of the necessary components to retrofit a breaker

  • AC-PRO-II, AC Trip Unit

    The Latest Trip Unit Features in a Smaller More Versatile Package.

  • AC-PRO-NW, NW Replacement Trip Unit

    Brings all of the features you trust to MasterPact NW circuit breakers.

  • AC-PRO-MP, Masterpact Replacement Trip Unit

    Direct STR Replacement Trip Unit for Merlin Gerin, Schneider MasterPact M, and Moeller IZM circuit breakers.

  • SAFE-T-TRIP, Remote Tripping Device

    Reduce Arc Flash Risk and Determine if the Breaker Mechanism Needs Service With this Remote Tripping Device.

  • Smart 1-Line
    Smart 1-Line

    A pre-engineered system designed to simplify the installation and configuration of a local HMI.

  • AC-PRO, AC Trip Unit

    True RMS Trip Unit for Low Voltage AC Circuit Breakers. Comes with QUICK-TRIP® Arc Flash Hazard Reduction

  • ZERO-Hertz, DC Trip Unit

    Trip Unit for LV DC Circuit Breakers. Standard With LSIG, Reverse Current & QUICK-TRIP® Arc Flash Reduction

  • QUICK-TRIP switch and QUICK-TRIP Display

    Arc Flash Reduction Switches and Remote Display

  • Direcet Replacement AC-PRO on a GE AKR breaker
    Direct Replacement Kits

    Retrofit kits that reuse the OEM CT's and actuators on the breaker.

  • Direcet Replacement AC-PRO on a GE AKR breaker

    CTs specifically designed for use with the AC-PRO® family of trip units.

  • AC-PRO ModBus setup

    AC-PRO-II® AC-PRO-MP-II® and Smart 1-Line® Industry Standard MODBUS RTU Protocols

  • AC-PRO ModBus setup
    Test Sets

    Secondary injection test sets for
    AC-PRO® AC-PRO-II® and ZERO-Hertz® trip units

  • AC-PRO ModBus setup

    InfoPro software for
    and AC-PRO-MP-II® trip units

  • Trip Unit Retrofit Course
    Trip Unit Retrofit Course

    A combined classroom and hands-on experience to provide technicians with an understanding of the retrofit process.