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The InfoPro graphical user interface software was developed to provide our customers with on-demand breaker information from a USB connected trip unit.

AC-PRO-II, Trip Unit Features Include:
  • Trip unit settings
  • Current, Voltage & Power readings
  • Waveforms on Demand
  • Data on the Last 8 Trips
  • AC-PRO-II® Settings
  • Saved Trip Data
  • Saved Protection Parameters
  • Upload Protetction Parameters
  • Trip Unit Firmware Upgrades
    New Features with InfoPro-AC 2.1:
  • Plotting Time Current Curves (TCCs) with Test results
  • Input and document Breaker Test Results
  • Input and document “As Found” and “As Left” trip unit data
  • Print and Save Test Reports
  • Perform RS-485 Modbus Communications test
InfoPro requires:
  • USB connection
  • Windows Vista or Higher

InfoPro Versions

Our InfoPro software is available to our customers in three separate versions depending on your trip unit. Software versions are exclusive to their specific trip unit models.

Version Compatible Trip Units Download
ONLY for units with Side Test Ports
See diagram below*
ONLY for units with Front Test Ports
See diagram below*
AC-PRO-II, Trip Unit

InfoPro Media

We've created step-by-step videos to demonstrate how easy using InfoPro can be. The following video shows the proper procedure to upload settings given from an older AC-PRO to an AC-PRO-II using the InfoPro software in place of manual entry.

This video also demonstrates the recommended procedure of swapping the trip unit on the breaker.

Additional Videos are available on our Youtube or on our Videos page.

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